Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On Sunday night we had some of our friends over for pizza and then we all went trick-or-treating! It was so much fun and our neighborhood was really decorated and spooky. Hunter cried a LOT but got over it pretty quick once someone would hold him and tell him that they are just masks and pretend monsters!
I was having a terrible picture day but was dressed as a Rangers fan!
I'm very sad that we lost later that night :(
Chelsea came with us!
Thana and I showing off our Rangers spirit!
Our cousins Baeleigh and Maddison joined us this year!
Cute little Maddison
This pumpkin was so cute so I had all of them take pics with it!
Notice that Aerial no longer has long red hair! At least we got one pic earlier in the night!
This house was so spooky.
You had to grab the candy from the hand coming out of the black box!
Then a spider dropped on you!!!
Thana and Kaylee
Look at all of this candy!
Our neighbor gave them GIANT pixi sticks and Kelby's was blue!
Our cousins Tre' and T'ea stopped by too!
Tre' was scared of his own mask so we only got one pic with it on! Hunter was terrified!
Look at these cute Romans!
Aunt Diana and Uncle Jeremy
Scarry Granny!

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