Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Isaiah Came to Play

A few weeks ago, Isaiah (Kel and Hunter's cousin) was in town visiting and got to come swim with the kids after work. They had so much fun playing and Hunter still asks when he gets to come back.

The kids noticed this random rainbow showed up in the sky and I thought to myself "I bet Jonathan is up there watching us and wanted to let us know". It was really special.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kelby & Addison - Friends Forever

Kelby's friend Addison moved to Virginia this past weekend. They are such good friends and we are really going to miss her! :(

I had them pose for a few pics before she left!

Lake Placid Vacation

During the weekend of June 25th, we all (everyone in this pic) headed down to Lake Placid to have what was called the "Outlaws and Inlaws" Family Reunion. This is my Step-Mom Lisa's family and we had lots of fun.
We went a day early so that we could do some shopping at the outlet malls and then visit a place called Wonder World. Here is Kelby and Hunter playing in the giftshop.
The main attraction there is the undergound cave. It was dark and muggy but really neat to see.
The kids liked it until they turned off the lights.
The tour guide referred to us as the "Target Family" and I took that as a compliment on how good look'n our family is!
Next we went on top of this large tower that looked out over the city. Since Eric is TERRIFIED of heights like that we only stayed for a minute and then headed back down.
After the tower, we got on a train and it took us on a tour of some animals. You could feed the deer as they came up to the train and Hunter really enjoyed that.
They were a little pushy and Kelby was not happy about it.
Funny picture with Kelby still so upset but trying to smile!
The fun train!
They had these set up as you left so of course we had to get some pictures!
Once we got to the lake, we had bought the kids their own fishing poles so they were ready to get fishing!
There had been a big rain flood a few weeks prior so no motor vehicles were allowed on the water. Some of them ventured out in the canoe though to explore the area.
Hunter LOVED to fish!
Getting ready for bed!
Just hanging out in the cabin
The jacuzzi tub was lots of fun!
Feeding the ducks before we headed home!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Joe's Crab Shack

Since we don't have a Joe's Crab Shack in Falls Town, we let Eric stop there on the way to Lake Placid.
He LOVES seafood and we don't let him eat it very often.
Me and the kids entertained ourselves by playing with the "face book" that is there for pictures!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hunter's 3rd Birthday!

For Hunter's 3rd birthday he wanted a race car party!! Who do you go to when you want a race car party?? Mrs. Connie of course!! Her son Cameron races out at the track on the edge of town and she got us all fixed up!

For his invitations, Connie put the car in her front yard and he got to take all kinds of pictures with it! See how cute it turned out!

We let him open his presents from us before the party

He loved his new portable DVD player and Stuart Little movie!

Once we got to the race track, Connie had made all of the daycare kids race shirts with Cameron's picture on them.
Kelby, Addison, Hunter and Andrew

There is a drag strip right next to the track so Eric and Hunter were watching those cars too

The kids loved watching the cars from the party deck!
Sarah & Dana

Even the Dads enjoyed this party!

Cousin Isaiah was in town and was showing off his tattoo!
Cousin Baeleigh had one too!

After one of the races, Cameron and Alan came up to chat with the birthday boy!
  Amber, Hayden and Dave

Connie's present to Hunter was a ride in the race car between races!
I was a little nervouse and told the driver to take care of my baby! Hunter was so excited!

He LOVED riding in there!
Some of the drivers came up to the party deck to sign the flags for the kids

The announcer came over and let Hunter talk on the micorphone and then had everyone sing to him
Tea' and Grandma

Hunter and Grandpa
Hunter's cool cake that Connie made!

He got some great presents (including his first set of real golf clubs from Granny and Papa!) and had such a fun party!