Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kelby lost her 1st Tooth!!!

On Monday evening Kelby had finished eating her pizza and came in there to show me how much more wiggly her tooth had gotten. I told her she could probably pull it out if she really tried so of course, she did! She took some klenex to the bathroom and came back in with it hanging out of her mouth! Eric and I saw all of the blood and I think it scared her so she got a little upset and had a few tears but quickly put on a smile so I could get one last picture of her with all of her baby teeth!
It's sticking out at me! She kept trying to pull it and then looking down to see if she had gotten it. She wanted to do it all on her own and Eric didn't want to pull it either!
One giant yank and she got it!!!
She was so excited even though her mouth was filling up with blood! It was funny becasue she didn't really notice it or complain about it until she saw this picture and then said "Wow, look at all of the blood in my mouth!"
For her birthday Debbie made her this sweet tooth pillow with her name on it to leave for the tooth fairy! She was so exctied to put it in there!
She was so excited to go to sleep that night but was too anxious and kept having some troubles. She was crying becasue she wanted to sleep so much so we felt bad for her and let her hop into bed with us until she drifted off then moved her back in her room.
The next morning the tooth fairy had come and left her $5! She is one lucky little girl!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swimming Fun

On Saturday night we had some of the family over to swim and boy did the kids have a good time! Isaiah and his little sister Winter are here for a while so it was fun to have them with us!
When Grandpa and Uncle Jeremy are in the pool, lots of acrobatics are involved!
Look how sweet that smile is!
Sweet Winter!
Dad and Jeremy decided to wrestle in the pool...very fun to watch!
In the end, Dad came out on top!
Good job old man!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Flower Girl Shopping

On Wednesday after work, I was doing my Insanity workout when Chelsea showed up to go eat dinner with us and Granny. After I was all done and sweating gallons of water, she told me that she had a dress for me to try on because they wanted me to be a BRIDESMAID!!! I was so excited and of course Chelsea got a super sweaty hug! Her blog was so cute so you can read it here if you wish! After we ate dinner at Cotton Patch we headed down to David's Bridal to let Kelby try on some flower girl dresses. She was in heaven there and loved all of the dresses! This is the dress we went with except it will be the plum purple with the sash instead of the white. She is going to be so stink'n cute!
She loved this one too even though it was super long on her! Can't wait until October 14th when we get to share in their special day!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kaila's 16th Birthday

On Tuesday Kaila will be turning 16!!!! I really can't believe she is already that old as that makes me pretty old! On Sunday her and some of her friends came over for cake and pizza to celebrate!
Mom made her this yummy cake!
The birthday girl with her cake and presents!
Jeremy and Diana
Diana and T'ea
Enjoying some cake!
It was a fun evening celebrating with the birthday girl!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

School Supplies

After church on Sunday we stopped by Target to get some stuff for the house and decided to get all of Kel's school supplies since the lists were out. She was so excited!! She picked out all of her stuff and even got a super cute backpack!
When we got home she put all of her supplies in there and then it was almost to heavy to carry! She is going to be the cutest kindergartener there is!!

Trip to Chick-fil-a

On Saturday Amber wanted to take a quick trip up to Lawton for some yummy Chick-fil-a at the newly remodeled store there! There is an in-door playground so the kids had a blast!
It was a big sale weekend for Children's Place so we cruised on over the mall and took advantage of the sales. The kids all got a new hat and some new shades! It was a fun trip especially since we don't get to enjoy Chick-fil-a that often!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Colonial Swim Party

Wednesday evening we had our yearly Colonial swim party at the Fain pool. In past years it has been at Castaway Cove but this year they changed it up to make it a private party. We had lots of fun and the kids always enjoy a good diving board!!
Thana and Kaylee were practicing going to the bottom of the pool
Crazy jump skills
What I love about Thana is that she never gets embarrased to do anything! She will show off her skills no matter who is around! Love it! Hunter is such a different kid in the pool this summer. Last summer he would barely let go of the wall and this summer he is just a fish and I don't worry about him anymore because his swimming skills are amazing!
Off the diving board with no life jacket. So confident!
The kiddy pool was fun for the babies and of course where there are babies, Kelby will be! I'm pretty sure this picture was taken right after Parks went under but don't worry, Amber eventually figured it out!! I'm always there to catch you letting your kid flounder under water for a while with a camera!
Rachelle just cracks me up!
Dave was a fun toy for the boys! They had lots of fun jumping and pulling on him!
There are a lot of great people that go to our church and we always enjoying getting together with them for some fun fellowship!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Legacy Choir

On Saturday afternoon, Tarah and I headed to Fort Worth to watch the Legacy Choir perform since our friend Jennifer was in it. We had such a fun little trip!
We met Jenn and her Mom at Mi Cocina for dinner around the corner from Bass Hall in Sundance Square.
Bass Hall was AMAZING!!
The choir was great and we were both so proud to be friends with the one soloist of the night! Great job Jenn!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Windows!!

Ever since we moved into our house in 2007 we have hated our windows on the back of our house! They are so ugly and are just terrible windows! The air goes right in or out from them and even water will come in if you are trying to clean them! With our insurance money we invested in some new windows and a new door that I have been wanting for years also! Here is a picture of the old ones:
Look how beautiful the new windows are!! I still have some painting to do now that the new door is hung and the trim looks terrible!
This picture window is amaizing! I can barely tell there is glass there now! So glad we finally replaced these!!
The new slider window in the kitchen
Now that these are all done and pretty, it really highlights how ugly the backyard and porch are!! That will have to be a fall project as it is way too hot!!