Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday we woke up to wonderful presents from EB. Those kids are soo lucky!
Hunter got a cool Toy Story camera Kelby got a cute dress! (I think she is still asleep!!)
After a relaxing morning, we headed out to Dean for some family time at Granny's house! It was rather cold so we all wrapped up in blankets and sat next to the heater!
Alli and Chelsea staying warm
Little Scotland
Matt hiding some eggs for the kiddos
Hunter, Devon, Kelby and Reagan
Pretty good picture considering Scotland will not sit still!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Church & Dads

On Saturday evening we went to the 5:00 Easter service at our Church and besides Kelby getting her leg stuck in the chair, we had a good time. Afterwards, we headed over to my Dad's for some yummy hamburgers and some time with our cousins.
I snapped a few pics of the kids in their cute church clothes before they changed to play
After dinner, the kids got ready to hunt some eggs!
Madison was showing me her crazy smile!
Such sweet cousins! Now for her attitude face!

Jones' Annual Egg Hunt

For several years now we have been hosting an Easter egg hunt in the field behind our house and all of our friends come over and we have so much fun!
All of the kids bring some stuffed eggs and then we make the Dad's hide them!
Sweet Maren!
We open the gate and all of the kids come running out!
All of the kiddos after the hunt!
H Moffia eating some cupcakes!
Jennifer, Maggie, Masie and Lawson
Brent, Cindy, Brenae & Clay
Debbie, Randy and Rachael - so glad they came!
David, Hope, Noah and Rodney - glad they came over this year too!
Sandy had her baby, Jaden, on Friday so Eddie and Martha brought Ethan over!
Aunt Diana and Tea'
Cute group pic of us Mommies - Jennifer, Thana, Amber, Dana and Me!
Billy, Donna, Braden and Lauren

Colonial Egg Drop

On Saturday morning, Colonial had our first ever Egg Drop! It was so much fun and included 35,000 eggs and a helicopter!
Helicopter dropping some eggs for the kids! Patiently waiting to run and get some eggs
So many eggs!
Kelby and I got bit by ants and Hunter fell on the sidewalk and landed on his forehead but besides that, we had a lot of fun!

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Fence

Thursday evening after Connie's egg hunt, we headed home to tear down the fence! It has been falling down since the day we moved in so we have been looking forward to this for a while now!
Down goes the old! Hunter loved the giant holes that were created after they dug out the old concrete! Kelby was trying not to get too dirty as she knew she would be in trouble with her nice clothes on!
Hunter was cracking me up hiding in there like no one could see him!
She finally went and changed clothes!
That night we set the new poles in concrete and then waited until morning to finish the rest!
Eric and Jay did such a good job and it is so much safer across that fence line now!