Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Strawberry Pick'n We will Go!

On Saturday after Kelby's soccer game, we grabbed Grandma and Granny and went to Young's Orchard to pick some strawberries. There had been like 45 cars there that morning so all of the big strawberries were gone but we still had fun!
They have these cute baskets you put your strawberries in
We forgot to get Kelby's earrings after her game so we stopped by this little store in Petrolia and got her some little lady bug earrings. She loved them and had to show off the real lady bug next to her earrings.
Granny has been taking them out here ever since Kelby was 1!
Found this pretty butterfly on a flower
He cannot lie and say he didn't eat any!
Look at all we got!
Hunter was cracking me up with his refusal to smile!
Kelby watching him weigh her basket.
Even though we got small strawberries, it was a very fun day!

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