Monday, April 4, 2011

Jones' Fish Fry

On Saturday afternoon/evening we all gathered out at Sammy and Leroys for a fish fry since Leroy and Joel were in town visiting from Nebraska. We had so much fun and I took a ton of cute photos so I had to post them all!
Terri, Sammy and Laurie just relaxing!
Hunter and Brooke
Cute sisters - Brooke and Alli
Kel and Granny
Having fun on the 4-wheeler
Hunter likes to pretend that this is a tractor!
Mark and his twins
I love father daughter pics!
The kids were having a blast playing in the bubbles becuase it was pretty windy
Alli was the social picture queen for the day! So many cute ones!
The kids and Papa
This is my favorite one!
In order for age purposes!
Sammy and Brother John
Matt and Terri
Sammy and her boys!
Bob, John and Joel
Mom & Daughter - Alexa and Charlotte
Just enjoying being outside
Scotland and Mark
Kelby LOVED the 4-wheeler and wants to go faster then I feel comfortable!!
Cute kiddos!
Scotland was cracking us up playing in the fireplace bucket!
Joel and Papa

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