Sunday, April 10, 2011

Soccer Breakthrough!!

This past Saturday Kelby finally had a breakthrough and decided that she wanted to play! She was so excited and pumped up about it! When it was the second quarter, she ran out there like she had been playing her whole life and had never been scared! The first few minutes she kept running around just smiling and looking at me to show me that she was really playing! It was priceless! You can see in these first few pictures that she is not focused on the game, just smiling because she is playing and not crying! She kept running over and hugging me saying how much fun she was having. I was so proud of her for facing and overcoming her fears! Such a proud moment for me! She told me after she played that "Momma, I told you that I've been thinking about playing and I just did it, I told you!" She is too funny!
Giant grin!

Smiling away!
Kelby and Athena after the second quarter they played in Not sure what she is doing here but it cracked me up in this picture!
Getting ready for them to kick off
Kelby is so fast that she can chase down the other team and steal the ball from them!
She is very aggressive too!
Take it down the field Kel!!
Running through the parent tunnel! Everyone was so impressed with her and was so proud of her!
All of the Ponies: Kelby, Cadence, Riddley, Madison, Skylar and Athena
Coach Kristi is an instructor at PHG so its normal for all of our girls to be doing the Downward Dog after the game! She is instilling good habbits in them!
For her birthday, Connie got her 3 Supergirl items. She got the shirt last week for playing at the very end but she could not get the neckalce and bag until she really played! She has been using her bag ever since. She just loves her Supergirl stuff!
Such a proud Mommy with my awesome little player!

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