Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We always have Christmas at Mom's house on Christmas Eve and we always have the best time! Since our original family of 3 has grown, it just gets better and better!!

Christmas Eve morning we met my friend Sarah at iHop for some yummy breakfast before she left for Oklahoma. It was so nice to catch up with her and when she gave me my super awesome pony day was complete!!

After breakfast we headed home to bake a few items and load up the presents for Mom's house. Mamaw, Papaw and Kaila joined us and boy did we have a good time laughing!

Here is the family sign I made for Jerm and Diana
 Bird got some new boots!!! They looked great on her!
 Mamaw got a cool metal bulldog
 Look at all of these presents! These kids are a little spoiled by Grandma!!!
 I love our annual family pictures! What a special time of year to all be together and enjoying each other's company. We are blessed to have such a wonderful family!
I was so busy helping the kiddos open presents and play with their favorites that I didn't even take any other pictures! Jerm made me a super cool red cross out of marble, Grandma got Eric life jackets, Kelby a Cookie dog plus tons of other stuff and Hunter got a cap gun and lots of other stuff. Hunter really believes he shot a bird in the backyard too! It flew behind the fence so Eric told him he shot it but they couldn't go look at it! You should see the looks I get when he tells people about his real bird he killed!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas at Dad's

On Friday night we had Christmas at my Dad's house. Christmas fell on a Sunday this year so it was nice to be able to get togther a few days early so that we could all relax and have no where to rush to. Isaiah and Winter went with their Mom on Christmas Eve so it was great to have them there with us too!

Baeleigh and Kelby ready to open some presents!
 The kiddos being so patient and waiting to open presents
 Here we go!

 Hunter loved his train set that goes "choo-choo"!
 Kelby is my little artist and absolutely loved her crayon melter!
 Jeremy and Diana
 All of the kids playing with their new Leapsters
 Diana and Kiley posing for some pics!
 This is one of my favorite pictures! Mamaw and Justin wearing Angry Bird hats!! Mamaw didn't know that you are supposed to make the same face as the hat you are wearing!!
 Grandpa, Winter and Madison
 Check out Tre's new floating shark thing
 The whole group!
We had such a fun night and I really enjoy us all getting together and having family time. The kids love playing with all of their cousins and it makes my heart happy to see them all play together!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Carriage Ride

On Thursday night we kicked off our Christmas Break with our traditional family carriage ride! This is our 3rd year to go ad we look forward to it every year. We start off the night with some yummy Famous Enchilada's and then head over to the Country Club for some fun! Starbuck Carriages really take care of us and have the best carriages and horses!

It was so cold so we were all bundled up

 Granny and Papa sat backwards but Hunter was there to keep them warm
 JJ wore Granny's hat! Loved it!!
 Who is that scarry guy in a mask that jumped on our carriage???
Oh's just Eric keeping warm!
 One of our favorite trees!
Can't wait untile next Christmas to do it all over again!

Christmas Sweaters

Since today is our last day at work before Christmas, we decided to make it Tacky Sweater Day! We have had so much fun this morning laughing at our sweaters! Sidney forgot to wear hers so lucky for her, I had those glittery stockings in my desk drawer so we pinned them to the front of her shirt! She was so excited and thankful I had those!!

Joanne, Sheila, Myself, Sonja and Sidney!
 Love these girls and so glad we all look spectacular!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Program

Connie video taped the kids Christmas program because when we all get there to watch, they usually end up goofing off more then singing! This cracks me up and I'm so glad that I will forever have it!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

City Bus Ride to see Santa!

I was so excited that I got to take off Monday to ride the city bus with the kids and Mrs. Connie to see Santa at the Mall! This will be or last year most likely to get to go with her so it was extra special this time!

Isaiah and Hayden
 Kelby, Colin and Jackson
 Hunter and Kelby
 Amber, Parker, Connie and Winter

 We went to the food court and had some yummy pizza after we saw Santa!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fab Five Christmas Party

Sunday evening the girls and I met at Olive Garden for our annual Fab Five Christmas Party! This year we decided to do a Pinterest Christmas so we had to make the gifts. We always have the best time and I look forward to this each year and love spending time with my girls!

Our nice waiter took our picture at the restaurant for us!
 Dana got us these cute blocks that spell our last names
 Sarah made us these cute plaques with our family pictures on them
 Thana made us cute picture frames with Fab Five written inside
 Amber made these cute earring/necklace holders to hang on the wall
 I am so blessed to have such great girls in my life! I know that they would do anything for me and have always been there for me!
Thanks for such a fun night girls!

Connie's Party

Sunday afternoon was Connie's Christmas party at Chuck-e-Cheese! We always love going there and now that they have some new games they kids love it more!

Hunter playing away!
 Kelby and Addison
 Jackson and Hayden
 Bryson and Colin
 Everyone eating some pizza!
 Grandpa, Kelby and Winter

Thanks for such a fun party Mrs. Connie!!!