Monday, June 27, 2011

Rangers Game

On the way home from Canyon Lake, we swung through Arlington to catch a Rangers game! We haven't been since Kelby was very small so we thought it would be fun to take the kids! The kids loved the stadium, got free gloves, large drinks but couldn't handle the 106 temp! It was miserable but we made it through all 9 innings!
Kelby saw this and wanted her picture in front of it!
We had good seats!
Justin, Laura, Keily and Kaden came with us too!
I was loving my zoom lense!
I think the heat was starting to get to them!!!
I let them each get a bat and ball. They loved them!

Canyon Lake

This year the In-Laws and Outlaws Family Reunion took place at the below lake house on Canyon Lake in Canyon Lake, TX. It was such a fun fun weekend and catching up with everyone was a blast!
When we first got there we opened the backdoor from our bedroom and all of these deer were out there! They were skinny deer but the kids didn't care! The house had great seating for dinner! All of the kids were hungry after a long day on the road!
The house also had a pool and boy did it get used!
Friday morning Grandpa took us out in Jeremy's boat for some fun tubing!
Kelby rocked the tube this year!
Kolton was so proud of his "hand strength" and that this was his first time to ride the tube without his Dad! He did awesome!
Kelby and Baeleigh were cracking me up with their jumping poses! Crazy little nuts!
Justin, Jeremy and Tea
The girls during an evening boat ride
Laura and Kaden
Enjoying the nice lake!
Sweet Ashlyn was cracking me up!
Tristen is the quite one but is always up for a pic!
Tristen and Baeleigh
Amanda and the girls
Ashlyn doing her "cheese" pose for me
Lynsay and Ashlyn
Crazy cousins
Serena actually letting me take her pic!
Noodle fight time!
Headed back to the boat Saturday afternoon
Eric came too and tried to get them to come swim...they never made it out very far!
Back on the boat!
After the boat ride we stayed a while to play in the sand/mud
Kelby loved making a "sand castle"
"Hey Momma"
Kelby found this for Daddy!
"Hey Momma...get a picture of me throwing rocks!"
She even threw in some shells for decorations
Kaden pretending to drive
Laura and Serena
Yeah, Tea came to join in the fun of mud playing!
Off to take Keily and Serena tubing
Sweet Tea Lea
They were covered in mud! I had to hose them off once we got to the house!
Kelby's completed masterpiece!
So dirty!
Kelby and Tea wanted to do a "monster" face!
Isaiah was showing off his muscles!
Keily being a swimsuit model
All of the little kiddos! The whole clan! Melissa, Kenneth, Kolton and Tristen All of the cousins
Ryan and Lynsay
Justin, Laura, Kaden and Keily
Ronnie and Nanny
The fishermen
Ashlyn would not give me one smile!
As we were packing up our car these deer were out back again!
They had found the left over "toast" that the kids threw out on Saturday
We had such a wonderful time and can't wait until next year!