Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Friends

This past week my good friend Kirsten (the Wittiest person I know!) has been in town visiting her parents. Kirsten and I go way back to Junior High and have been friends a LONG time! We got to know each other during band starting in the 7th grade and been friends ever since. Her son Taylor was born only 10 days after Kelby so it is neat when they come to town and the kids all get to play together. They live in Ohio now and only get to come in about once a year.
Taylor has gotten so big!
Logan is Kirsten's youngest son
Snack time!
Logan liked swimming in the water table!
Kirsten and I
Kelby's self portrait
Logan wanted nothing to do with the pool when they first got there but by the time they left, he was loving it!

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