Monday, January 24, 2011

Skating the Night Away!

Saturday evening the we took the kids to Skate Whirl! We got Hayden skates for his birthday so he has been begging Amber to take him. After our experience at the Plex on NYE, we decided to go back to old faithful for some fun! Once we got there, they warned us about the big kids and to be careful with our little ones. To our surprise, they cleared out the birthday party area just for us so it was like we had our own private skate rink! We had so much fun and really enjoyed not having to worry about the kids getting pummeled by the bigger kids. Thank you so much Skate Whirl for really making our night a super enjoyable one!
Baeleigh, Hunter, Hayden and Kel
Yo, Yo...check out my new skates! Kelby did soooo good this time. She is really getting the hang of it now!
Baeleigh had never skated before but by the end of the evening she was doing much better
H Moffia regulating the skating rink
Baeleigh skating on her own even if she was holding on to the wall!
BTW...Hayden told me that he wanted to skate with me because I was the "fastest!" Ca Ca Ca...I'm glad he likes his new skates and that the kids had so much fun!
Here is a video of Kel (ignore my voice as I thought it was too loud for the camera to actually hear me!)

Kaila's Soccer Game

Saturday afternoon, we went out to the complex to watch Kaila play a little soccer! The kids were cracking me up because when Kaila was on the field they were yelling at her and did not stop until she acknowledged them! I hope she learned her lesson - just wave and they will be quite!!
Ashley was there watching Montana and had her new little puppy! He was so stink'n cute!

Madison Turns 1!

On Saturday, Madison turned 1! They had a party for her at Grandpa's house and the kids had lots of fun eating cake and playing with her.
She had fun with her little cake!
All clean now!
I got her this cute outfit and wanted some cute pics in it! She was all smiles for me!
Check out their crazy trampolene hair!
She loves her Daddy!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Opportunity Knocks Project

Saturday morning, Amber and I went to help with one of the Opportunity Knocks projects for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Opportunity Knocks is designed to respond to immediate, short-term needs of community agencies that are not currently sponsored by the Junior League of Wichita Falls. When a project is selected, our Opportunity Knocks program provides the following: -Financial assistance up to $1500 -League volunteers to work with the organization for a short term to be agreed upon by the Junior League and the organization
We had so much fun and were glad they let us come help!
Our wonderful President, Kathy!
After we finished going door to door, we headed up to the office to get some yard signs to put out.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins

While Isaiah was in town, we gathered all of the kids up, dressed them alike, (thanks Children's Place) fixed their hair, and then took them all down to the park for some cute cousins pictures. They all did so good and these pictures are priceless memories! is the last group picture we did in 2007!
We have had a few more additions since then!

This one cracks me up because Kolby was not liking having to hold still and sit there so we told Hunter to keep him in line for the pictures. He is just smiling away but holding on the Kolby like we told him to!

Baeleigh Tre' Kel and Baeleigh were doing some super posing! Sweet Tea' Kaden looking so innocent! Spike... aka Isaiah Koldy Madison Kiely

The whole gang!
The original kids! Sure do miss Jonathan in this pic :(
Feeding the ducks with Granpda and Gigi
One of my favorites
Isaiah was telling Jeremy to take care of himself...he just loves him so much! "Hey Isaiah"
Here's a good one with Kolby not escaping!
Such a fun one! There were lots of kids to get pictures of but I sure did have fun doing it! Glad we got some good ones of all the kiddos for Grandpa and Gigi's wall!