Monday, January 24, 2011

Skating the Night Away!

Saturday evening the we took the kids to Skate Whirl! We got Hayden skates for his birthday so he has been begging Amber to take him. After our experience at the Plex on NYE, we decided to go back to old faithful for some fun! Once we got there, they warned us about the big kids and to be careful with our little ones. To our surprise, they cleared out the birthday party area just for us so it was like we had our own private skate rink! We had so much fun and really enjoyed not having to worry about the kids getting pummeled by the bigger kids. Thank you so much Skate Whirl for really making our night a super enjoyable one!
Baeleigh, Hunter, Hayden and Kel
Yo, Yo...check out my new skates! Kelby did soooo good this time. She is really getting the hang of it now!
Baeleigh had never skated before but by the end of the evening she was doing much better
H Moffia regulating the skating rink
Baeleigh skating on her own even if she was holding on to the wall!
BTW...Hayden told me that he wanted to skate with me because I was the "fastest!" Ca Ca Ca...I'm glad he likes his new skates and that the kids had so much fun!
Here is a video of Kel (ignore my voice as I thought it was too loud for the camera to actually hear me!)

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