Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins

While Isaiah was in town, we gathered all of the kids up, dressed them alike, (thanks Children's Place) fixed their hair, and then took them all down to the park for some cute cousins pictures. They all did so good and these pictures are priceless memories! is the last group picture we did in 2007!
We have had a few more additions since then!

This one cracks me up because Kolby was not liking having to hold still and sit there so we told Hunter to keep him in line for the pictures. He is just smiling away but holding on the Kolby like we told him to!

Baeleigh Tre' Kel and Baeleigh were doing some super posing! Sweet Tea' Kaden looking so innocent! Spike... aka Isaiah Koldy Madison Kiely

The whole gang!
The original kids! Sure do miss Jonathan in this pic :(
Feeding the ducks with Granpda and Gigi
One of my favorites
Isaiah was telling Jeremy to take care of himself...he just loves him so much! "Hey Isaiah"
Here's a good one with Kolby not escaping!
Such a fun one! There were lots of kids to get pictures of but I sure did have fun doing it! Glad we got some good ones of all the kiddos for Grandpa and Gigi's wall!

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