Monday, January 10, 2011

Gigi turns 50!

Friday, January 7th, was Gigi's 50th Birthday. Dad planned for all of us to have dinner at Logan's and we had lots of fun.
Baeleigh Mamaw and Jeremy Amanda, Jon and Madison
Jim and Shirley
Martha and Eddie
Val and Dad
Ethan was showing Hunter how to use his new Mobigo
Mike and Lisa
Mamaw and Madison
Sandy and Ethan
Madison was having fun playing with Uncle Eric
They brought her a huge cinnamon roll with candles in it!
Dad and Lisa
These two have become such good friends now!
The kids thought Grandpa was a jungle gym
That floor is so gross with peanuts!
Gigi with all of the grandkids that were there!
In honor of Gigi turning 50, I made her a collage of the grandkids with 50 pictures on it. Turned out pretty cute once I printed it big and framed it!

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  1. I didn't realize that 50 looked so old. Had a great time. Just wish that all the kids and grandkids could have been there. Thanks again for the great picture.