Monday, August 30, 2010

Hotter'n Hell Trail Run

On Sunday of Hotter'n Hell weekend, Diana and I ran in the 10K Trail Run. It was sooo much fun and we had the best time. Running in the woods is WAY more fun than running on a boring track or street!
We made it and never fell in the poison ivy or the river!
Before the Race began!

Hotter'n Hell 100

The last weekend in August was our 6th Anniversary weekend, but more importantly, it was Hotter'n Hell!! Every year I volunteer at my Mom's rest stop. We have to be there at the butt crack of dawn so I usually don't take the kids. This year, Eric rode the 100 mile ride so they got to go with me. The kids volunteer shirts were GIANT so we went to the Expo and got them some cute small ones! We had to all match!!
Mamaw was showing them how to sweep the rocks out of the way. They were good helpers!
Hunter and Papaw watched the planes take off, we were at the airport by Iowa Park.
We set up an area for the riders to pose for pics and we mail it to them. We had to try it out!
Aunt Diana and Tre'
Is anyone thirsty??
After our stop was cleared out, we drove to Burk to watch Eric ride by!
He didn't finish the full 100 miles but he made it to mile 67 which was Hells Gate.
We are so proud of him!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Driving Range

On Saturday we went out to Weeks to practice hitting some golf balls. Hunter and Eric could have been out there all day but Kelby and I were melting! We didn't go until noon so it was only 103 then! Hunter had a blast and is such a good little golfer!
I love how he sticks out his tongue when he's really concentrating!
Kel had fun for a little while before she got too hot!
My two boys!
He's such a good cheeser!
He loves practicing by "the flags"
So it didn't go in the hole but it's still a cool pic!
Taking tips from Daddy on how to putt!
Putting together!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FallsFest Coupon Tearing Party!

On Monday evening we met up at the League Center to tear some coupons and get ready for FallsFest! We had a good turn out but sorry to the few of you that left before I got my camera out!
We even let the kiddos come! Quincy, Sarah, Christi and Natalie
My Mom, Kim
Dana seeing how many beer tickets will go around her growing belly!
Sherry and Tanya, Coupon Co-Chairs
My family, Diana, Tre', Lisa and Dad

Splash Park Fun

On Sunday after Church we loaded up and went to the Iowa Park Splash Park. The kids had soo much fun! Only a few more weekends until they close for the Summer so we had to get one more time in.

Snack Time! Parker was so cute in her new swimsuit!

This is the look you get when you take diving toys from the H Moffia!
Slide fun!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thana's 30th Party!

Last weekend Thana had a 30th Birthday Bash! We had so much fun dancing and having Margaritas!
The Fab 5 pitched in and got her this cute Coach! She actually thought it was fake!
Not sure what we are doing but we sure had fun!

Monday, August 9, 2010


This weekend, my nephew Isaiah got to come visit. The kids have so much playing together. I love it when some of the cousin's are together! Having some snacks after a long day of fun in the sun!
Isaiah and Kelby were so thirsty they had to drink the slip-n-slide water!
My niece Tea' is so cute, even when her bottom is hungry!
Even Spots (our pet turtle) got to come out and play! The kids all thought Uncle Jeremy was cool because he was holding him! Tea' looks so calm here, you should have seen her when it started crawling towards her on the table! It was as if it was going to eat her!
Tre' showing off his turtle holding skills to the little kids!
Hunter FINALLY let go of the wall and actually swam in the pool! I'm glad he waited until August to be not afraid of the water!