Monday, August 30, 2010

Hotter'n Hell 100

The last weekend in August was our 6th Anniversary weekend, but more importantly, it was Hotter'n Hell!! Every year I volunteer at my Mom's rest stop. We have to be there at the butt crack of dawn so I usually don't take the kids. This year, Eric rode the 100 mile ride so they got to go with me. The kids volunteer shirts were GIANT so we went to the Expo and got them some cute small ones! We had to all match!!
Mamaw was showing them how to sweep the rocks out of the way. They were good helpers!
Hunter and Papaw watched the planes take off, we were at the airport by Iowa Park.
We set up an area for the riders to pose for pics and we mail it to them. We had to try it out!
Aunt Diana and Tre'
Is anyone thirsty??
After our stop was cleared out, we drove to Burk to watch Eric ride by!
He didn't finish the full 100 miles but he made it to mile 67 which was Hells Gate.
We are so proud of him!

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