Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun and Racing

This past weekend we did lots of fun stuff! On Saturday evening we went to dinner and the races with the Reed's. The kids have so much fun going out there and it's pretty fun for us adults too. What's better than a Saturday mullett watching??
Thanks to David, the kids all have earmuffs!
Posing in front of Cameron's car!
Thanks Amber for taking the kids pics in the cars!
I had more fun holding Miss. Parker in the grandstands!
Friday night we went and hung out at Amber's house cause I needed some Parker time! She is so sweet and it gets the baby need met in my system! Kelby loves to play "mommy" with her. She asked when she could hold her and then informed me that she really wanted to walk around and hold her! Amber was so up for that! I thought Kel looked like a grown up 4 year old, but holding Parker, she looks tiny!
Friday, Connie took the whole daycare to the Splash Park in IP and let them skip nap. The kids had so much fun and lucky for me, my friends were able to go and take some cute pics! Sometimes work just gets in the way of the fun stuff!
Hunter and Hayden - aka the "H Moffia"
Kelby and Kaegan!

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