Wednesday, November 30, 2011

50 Years of Service!

On Wednesday afternoon, Papaw retired from his Civil Service duty with the Airforce. Combined with is Active Duty Service, he gave 50 years of his life the USAF. WOW...that's a long time and a huge commitment! We were so proud of him and I was so proud to get to be there.

The whole family that came to cheer him on.
 30 years ago my Papaw retired from Active Duty on this same stage and I was there then too only I was a few months old. How neat that I was there again this time just a little older!
 Mamaw, Kaila and Papaw
 Papaw coming in for the ceremony
 This man standing next to Papaw gave a good speach about all that he had done in his civil service time. I had no idea how many very neat things he had done. Lots of planning and ideas for many different types of aircraft. He was also the go-to guys when any questions came up. He knew it all and they said that he will be kept on speed dial for all of his knowledge!


 This was such an emotional day for my Papaw as you can only imagine. 50 years of your life doing the same thing and now it is time to move on. My Papaw is such an awesome man and he will be greatly missed at SAFB.
 Mamaw got an award too
 Papaw received many awards one being Civilian of the Year!

Of course we got to have cake!

Congratulations Papaw for a job well done! You are an amaizing man and I am super proud to call you my Papaw!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Photos

On Sunday afternoon, Mom met us all downtown for some fun family pictures!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deason Thanksgiving

This year we had Thanksgiving on Friday evening so that we could all be there. The family just keeps growing and spreading out so this makes it easier on everyone.

It was fun all getting together and just hanging out!
 Just relaxing!
 Look at these sweet girls!
 John and Laurie
 Hunter and Chelsea
 Papa's 80th Birthday is in December and since Joel was here we decided to have an early birthday party for him.

 All of the kiddos!
 Apparently Scotland hates wearing clothes

 Still a kid at heart!

Jackson Turns 6!

Jackson had his 6th Birthday party at the Plex on Friday night and the kids had a blast!

Dad and Jackson playing a race car game

 Hunter loves playing games with Quincy

 Birthday boy and Hayden

 Dad and Isaiah hit the jackpot!
 Isaiah doing a little dance!

 Cake and Pizza time!
We had to leave early to get out the Eric's family Thanksgiving but we had a great time! I hated that we didn't get to see him open his presents