Sunday, November 20, 2011

City Lights Parade

The weekend before Thanksgiving we always enjoy the City Light Parade in downtown. Mrs. Connie always has a float and the kids enjoy getting to go play the games they have set up down there. Again this year, they had the option to pay for a "play all games" bracelett so the kids really had a good time!

They love the trampolene thingy!

 They got to ride the bull!

 The Sherriff's department had their large tank down there and since no one was manning it, the kids were all climbing on top of it! They got told later to get down once the guy came back!
 Ready to watch the parade!
 Amber, Parks and Hayden joined us too!
 Winter was very excited for the parade :)
 Connie'e super cute float
 She's such a cute snowman!
 Granny, Papa and Hunter
 Santa Claus always marks the end of the parade
 Tea' came home with us after the parade and wouldn't you know it, she brought her pajama's just like Kelby's! The girls were so excited that they were matchy matchy!

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