Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jones's Annual Party

On Friday night we hosted our annual Jones' Christmas party at our house. We always have the best time and I love that each year we get to add more memories and funny stories to tell the next year. We had our first party back in 2004 after we got married so its fun 8 parties later to talk about stuff that happened even the first year!
We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and we wouldn't trade them for anything!!!

Tara and Jennifer
 Sarah and Kristi
 Sherry and bf (went blank on his name all of a sudden!)
Mark and Eric (he looks like a chipmunk because he shoved food in his mouth!) 
 Sandy & Ryan
 Myself, Chelsea and Thana
 Sandy and Danny

 Fab Five!
 The girls!
 This year I wanted to do somthing different so where do you turn to for ideas?? Pinterest of course!! I found the most fun Minute-to-Win-it game and boy was it fun. They were all Christmas themed games and we had a blast playing them.

This is the throw the giant marshmellows into the wreath bucket.

 This is the Nut Stacker game!
 This is the stack the cups to look like a Christmas tree game!

This was the hang the ornaments on the yard stick standing on top of the papertowel roll game.

We had such a fun night and I can't wait until next year!

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