Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jones' Annual Egg Hunt

For several years now we have been hosting an Easter egg hunt in the field behind our house and all of our friends come over and we have so much fun!
All of the kids bring some stuffed eggs and then we make the Dad's hide them!
Sweet Maren!
We open the gate and all of the kids come running out!
All of the kiddos after the hunt!
H Moffia eating some cupcakes!
Jennifer, Maggie, Masie and Lawson
Brent, Cindy, Brenae & Clay
Debbie, Randy and Rachael - so glad they came!
David, Hope, Noah and Rodney - glad they came over this year too!
Sandy had her baby, Jaden, on Friday so Eddie and Martha brought Ethan over!
Aunt Diana and Tea'
Cute group pic of us Mommies - Jennifer, Thana, Amber, Dana and Me!
Billy, Donna, Braden and Lauren

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