Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jumping and Tricks

This weekend Isaiah is staying with us so we wanted to go swimming at Kirky and Grandmas so that the kids could enjoy the divingboard! We had so much fun and the kids are so brave with their tricks these days! I love the expressions my camera can capture!
Isaiah was very good with his front flip Kelby has some crazy moves!
She really wants to fly! She asked me the other day that if dreams really do come try at Disney World because she has always wanted to fly! Well Kel, only some dreams come true there!
Rachel and her family were there too and the kids love playing with her
We were trying to relax and kept getting attacked!
Momma can still do a front flip! I know I look silly holding my nose but I really hate water sneaking up my nose!
The kids thought it was fun to fill coffee cans with water and then wear them like shoes?! Very strange children but they had fun none the less!
Since we are in a county wide no sale/no shoot fireworks ban this 4th, Grandma bought the kids some poppers (as seen all over the ground) and some of the paper shotty things. Hunter would never try them but Kel and Isaiah had fun pulling them apart.
Besides the fireworks we watched on TV, this was the prettiest firework I saw all weekend!

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