Friday, July 1, 2011

Bike Parade!

One of the highlights of the summer is the annual bike parade at Mrs. Connie's for the 4th of July celebration! Last night we went and bought our decorations and got the kids bikes all ready for the festivities!
All of the bikes, scooters and wagons looked so cute! Amber and Parks!
Connie was discussing the parade line-up!
The kids were so excited and ready to go!
Here they come and thanks to my Dad we got to hear some Lee Greenwood during the parade!
Isaiah is still here and it was fun to see him in the parade this year!
The three amigos - Hunter, Hayden and Jackson
Here are the make shift stands!
Kelby, Tessa and Meghan enjoying some snowcones
Dad and Gigi were helping to speed up the snowcone process
Hayden was letting Hunter ride in the front!
My fun Mommy friends!!

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