Thursday, July 14, 2011

Colonial Swim Party

Wednesday evening we had our yearly Colonial swim party at the Fain pool. In past years it has been at Castaway Cove but this year they changed it up to make it a private party. We had lots of fun and the kids always enjoy a good diving board!!
Thana and Kaylee were practicing going to the bottom of the pool
Crazy jump skills
What I love about Thana is that she never gets embarrased to do anything! She will show off her skills no matter who is around! Love it! Hunter is such a different kid in the pool this summer. Last summer he would barely let go of the wall and this summer he is just a fish and I don't worry about him anymore because his swimming skills are amazing!
Off the diving board with no life jacket. So confident!
The kiddy pool was fun for the babies and of course where there are babies, Kelby will be! I'm pretty sure this picture was taken right after Parks went under but don't worry, Amber eventually figured it out!! I'm always there to catch you letting your kid flounder under water for a while with a camera!
Rachelle just cracks me up!
Dave was a fun toy for the boys! They had lots of fun jumping and pulling on him!
There are a lot of great people that go to our church and we always enjoying getting together with them for some fun fellowship!

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