Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kelby lost her 1st Tooth!!!

On Monday evening Kelby had finished eating her pizza and came in there to show me how much more wiggly her tooth had gotten. I told her she could probably pull it out if she really tried so of course, she did! She took some klenex to the bathroom and came back in with it hanging out of her mouth! Eric and I saw all of the blood and I think it scared her so she got a little upset and had a few tears but quickly put on a smile so I could get one last picture of her with all of her baby teeth!
It's sticking out at me! She kept trying to pull it and then looking down to see if she had gotten it. She wanted to do it all on her own and Eric didn't want to pull it either!
One giant yank and she got it!!!
She was so excited even though her mouth was filling up with blood! It was funny becasue she didn't really notice it or complain about it until she saw this picture and then said "Wow, look at all of the blood in my mouth!"
For her birthday Debbie made her this sweet tooth pillow with her name on it to leave for the tooth fairy! She was so exctied to put it in there!
She was so excited to go to sleep that night but was too anxious and kept having some troubles. She was crying becasue she wanted to sleep so much so we felt bad for her and let her hop into bed with us until she drifted off then moved her back in her room.
The next morning the tooth fairy had come and left her $5! She is one lucky little girl!!

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