Sunday, November 28, 2010

Moorman Thanksgiving

This year my Dad and Lisa hosted the Moorman Thanksgiving. Lots of our family that never gets to come in were there this year so I was glad that Dad had just remodeled their house to make the livingroom larger! Dad had one small "incident" in the kitchen and almost burned down the house with the turkey juice but one he got it extenguished, we were ready to chow down!
I was so excited that Kathy and Norman came this year!
The kids watching TV until we were ready to eat Collen preparing the food table
Lisa and Mamaw in the kitchen getting ready!
Kaden with whip cream all over him!
Even my cousin Danny made it in this year all the way from Chicago!!!!
Me and some of my favorite cousins: Charlotte and Sandy
Charlotte, Emory, Abyela and Naomi - so glad they came too
Playing outside to work off some of that pie

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