Monday, November 22, 2010

City Lights Parade

On Saturday night we picked up Thana and Kaylee and headed downtown for the City Lights Festival and Parade. The kids had lots of fun playing in the kid area and it wore me out just watching them go over and over and over!
Kaylee was throwing a fit about something so I had to grab this pic so blackmale her with some day!
The kids are obsessed with giving to the Salvation Army. The man on Friday night let them right the bell so now they think its so fun to put money in. I'll be broke by the end of the Christmas season!
Ready for the parade!
We love each other!
So much!
Dirty chocolate face cookie boy!
There must have been sirens going by!
Mrs. Connies float was the BEST!
And she gave us some candy!
Once the parade got started, the line for the jumpy thing was open so Kel snuck over there for a quick jump!
Granny came too!

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