Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween at Connie's

Connie always has a fun Halloween party for the kids where they get to wear their costumes and play carnival type games for prizes!
This is the cool cake she made - she's SO talented!
Kelby and Addison eating their treats! Kelby loves to hold baby Parker
Katelyn smiling so big!
All the kids dressed up!
Playing my "Knock down the Mummies" game
Kaegan was Carrie Underwood
(she's missing her microphone for this pic but I promise she has one!)
JoJo and Katelyn
Sarah's fishing game
Before nap time, the kids cleaned out a pumpkin, planted the seeds and sprinkled magic pumpkin glitter on the grass. When they woke up from nap, some glittery pumpkins had grown!
Megan, Kelby and Kaegan
Colin and Kaegan - we sure do miss them since they went to school

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