Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remembering Jonathan

My bros!
Jonathan and I4 Generations of Moorman Men
Although Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year, forever it has been changed since my little brother passed away. Thanksgiving 2009 was our last holiday together and was the last time I saw him. I have many wonderful memories from that day and was glad I had my camera there to capture some of them. Jonathan was a very special little brother as he was the youngest of all of us and he always had a certain charm about him. I don't know how with the way his feet smelled SO badly! He could have just gotten out of the shower and his feet would stink :)
He had pretty hard life compared to the rest of us but had gotten his life together and was on the right path and was loving it. He had recently called himself, A fisher of Men as he had found Christ and had accepted him in his heart.
I will forever hold a special place in my heart for him and miss him dearly.
Impressing the kids with his backflip off of the table. He could do a backflip from anything!Playing with is pride and joy, his son Isaiah
One of Jonathan friends wrote this poem and read it at his funeral and I just loved it:

Dear Fisherman, This is hard on your family This is hard on your friends Mad props to all of us Who stuck with you till the end We dislike the very fact You ended it this way But all of us who care Will live to see another day We miss you dearly We will never forget All the good memories shared Since the day we met I can hear your voice say’n “What up?” on the phone And your priceless laugh When you were in “the zone” We can’t remember The last time you wore a shirt Unless it was cold, at a Rock concert or at work Your daredevil stunts Off buildings and ramps Made us understand You were one of the champs Back flips off anything You could climb on top of Adrenaline rushes Were part of your blood And fishing all the time With a cold one in hand Gotta say it one more time “Fish, you were the man” I can’t not mention The love for your son In your heart and eyes He was no doubt your number one I know for a fact That now from up above You’ll give Isaiah A rain shower of love I pray he grows up Knowing you were a great man And your family needs his presence Very close at hand You passed on your light In that little boys heart And nothing, nobody, or No one will tear that apart We are sad your feelings Were crushed by a thought But this time of grievance Is a hard lesson well taught My cousin once spoke “Never leave a word unsaid” Some of us here Have regrets of words spoken Yet the only thing that matters now Is our memories that are soak’n Soak’n into that part Of our heart where we hold The good times we shared You were brave, you were bold I can’t explain The way all of us feel But this pain, this misery Its alive. It’s real We love you so much And miss you more every minute I can’t believe this This vault? You’re in it Now my final words to you From just me I promise to cherish Your love, your memory I wish I was there for you When you needed it most I would’ve hugged you tight I would’ve held you close I can’t change what has happened Or what you have done I know you wouldn’t want me To stop hav’n fun I lost one of my boys But I have to move on A tape in my head Keeps playing a Primus song John the Fisherman is the song It’s also who you were And all of us friends I believe would concur So I hope you are casting out Your rod for us all I hope you reel a big one in Before the last and final call We love you Fisherman May you rest in peace Now your body is still And racing mind is at ease

December 28, 1988 - December 1, 2009

I love you Bubba!

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  1. I love this poem. It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since we lost Jonathan. It seems like yesterday. Thanks for posting the pictures and poem.