Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Fall Day at the Park

On Saturday afternoon, it was georgous weather so we all met up at the park for lunch and play time. The playground behind Cunningham school looked so neat so we went there and the kids had a blast! Behind it was this neat gymnastics type area and the kids really enjoyed climbing in it too.
I never caught a smile at the same time! I was teaching Kel how to hang upside down and I really thought she was laughing when I stepped back to take this pic, but oh no, she was screaming in terror!!
Kaylee climbing away
Mom...watch this trick!
Sweet smile!
Kaylee is the strongest little girl I have ever met! She can climb and hang and swing from the monkey bars. Kelby gets so jealous!!
Another trick from Hunter
He's just so handsome!
One of Hayden's "cool" tricks!
They were up so high that it was making me nervous!!

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