Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This morning brought more SNOW our way so I decided to take a vacation day and stay home with the kids so that we could go sledding! I grew up down the street from Fowler Elementary and it has a fun hill to go down! Amber and Dana and all of their kiddos came to so we had a BLAST!
Hunter, Hayden, Reid and Kelby
Crazy Faces
Hunter was not in too many pictures because he was so cold! He hung out in the car with Amber or Dana and the baby girls! Got him in this group pic though! Kel's face crackes me up!
My face was frozen by this point! I'm surprised I could smile!
Dane and Reid
Amber and Hayden
Hunter playing before he called it quits!
I was the designated "pusher" for the kids! Burned a ton of calories!
The other kids there playing had these neat saucers...they were way fun!
I tried the lids...didn't work!
Glad that Amber brought her good laundry basket!
Hayden makes me laugh in this picture! It's like he's a puppet!
Dana tried the lids too but with a running start...didn't work that way either!
Wipe out from Kelby in my ghetto basket!
I totally wiped out at the bottom of the hill!
So much fun!
Dana was helping out with pushing too!
Carrying the basket back up the hill
Hayden kept trying to roll down the hill!
Dana tried out the stuff!
Such cuties!
Kelby has been begging me to go sledding and I'm so glad I took the day off to take her. We had such a fun time and will forever have great memories of laundry basket sledding!

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