Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kelby's 5th Birthday Party

Miss Kelby had such a fun birthday party at the Aquatic & Wellness Center this past weekend! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that could come and help make the day lots of fun!!
Kelby posing next to her Little Mermaid cake Connie made her
So cute and so YUMMY - the Aerial head is made of white chocolate! She picked out her own balloons too
Hunter only played in the water for a brief moment before his fever went back up and he didn't want to play anymore :(
Kelby and Mrs. Connie
Granny and poor Hunter bear! He felt so terrible but hung in there for his sisters party
All the Mommy's
Reid and Hayden had tons of fun!
Sweet birthday girl!
Papa and Daddy watching all of the fun!
Kaila and Kelby
Uncle Jeremy and Tea'
Kaylee and Thana
Skylar and Maggie
About to sing Happy Birthday!
Yummy cake
All her friends enjoying the party!
She got so many cute presents!
After the party, we went home and she had to try on ALL of her outfits!! Here is one of the ones that Granny got her!
Thanks to everyone who made this 5th birthday so special for her!

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