Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

This past weekend we were so busy and had such a wonderful time! Started off on Friday with a trip to the park with daycare. Saturday morning we were up and at the Pancake Festival at 7:00a to meet Granny, JJ and Chelsea. Registered Kelby for soccer, met Sarah at Primo's for lunch by her house, saw her cute house and ate the Sprinkle's cupcakes she got us and then headed to Grapevine for the big surprise! The kids knew we were going somewhere but I wouldn't tell them where. They were so excited when we pulled in the parking lot of GWL! Kelby said "Momma, you tricked us! I said we was coming here and you said we didn't have enough money!" Ca ca ca...tricked ya! They had such a fun time and we didn't leave until Sunday around 5:00p. In case you are wondering why we didn't let Daddy come, he was busy skiing in Durango, Colorado on a "work trip"!
Kelby laying on the couch once we got there...she was so excited! Kel was tall enough this time to ride some big rides! She picked out a new swim suit for her upcoming birthday party and was so excited to wear it
Hanging out resting
Hunter could have played on the jet ski for the whole day!
Saturday night we had our bath's and then headed down for story time in the lobby
Granny bought them these neat light up wand things
They got their picture taken with Violette
After we loaded our stuff in the car, the kids wanted some pictures in these comfy chairs
I was so tired and the day was just beginning!
Granny was up all night with a stomach ache but hung in there all day to play with the kiddos!
Cute picture outside of the sweets place
He finally got brave and went to the wave pool with us (actually, the kid part was shut down temporarily due to some "floaties" in the water!)
Kelby loved it there!
Kelby is my dare devil and wanted to do all of the fun stuff. We even rode a huge ride that went outside in a big raft!
Waiting in the lobby getting ready to go home :(
We had such a wonderful time and can't wait to go back!

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