Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kelby's Dance Recital

Kelby's dance recital started out so promising! She was super cute and ready to dance for the whole family that showed up to watch!
Here she is standing in the hall way waiting to dance!
Walking out she was yelling at me to look at the decorations that were blown up! She is starting to get upset because she had no place to stand
Then when I told her to turn around and face the audience, she lost it and stood there and cried the whole rest of the snowflake song!
Mrs. April said that since all of the girls faced the wrong way that she would let them dance again at the end and turn towards us. Well, when Kelby came back out, she was still crying!!!
Mrs. April was consoling her during the dance before sending her over to sit with me for the remainder of the program
After that was over, she said that she was just scared in front of all those people and just got really upset! She was ok though to take some cute pics!
Her face is so puffy from crying so much!
Oh well, maybe next time!
Chelsea captured this small video clip of the girls walking out and Kelby scratching herself!!
I'm not sure how to upload from my normal camera so I'm glad she got this!

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