Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Annual Trip to See Santa with Connie

Every year at Mrs. Connie's, we all ride the city bus to the mall and see Santa. The kids just LOVE it and look forward to it every Christmas. This year we missed the first bus so got to eat lunch at the mall also! We had such a good time and I will miss this event when my kids are both too old for Connies!
Every year, Connie makes them all matching shirts.
They were super cute this year and Kelby loved the tutu on the bottom!
She even made Parker a matching shirt! Some group pics!
Kelby and Megan
Getting on the bus is so exciting because they get to go up the ramp and put money in the slot.
And...there are NO seatbelts on the new busses so they were so excited!
Waiting by the door when we get there so we can get the babies situated.
All of the cousins
Eating yummy pizza in the food court - us Mommies barely got any because the kids scarfed it up!
The kids were pooped by the time we got back on the bus!
We sang Christmas songs on the way home and had our own mini "flash mob"!

It was such a fun time...Thanks Mrs. Connie for letting the Mommies come!

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