Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day is here!

On Christmas morning we woke up to find that Santa Claus had come and left the kids some really neat stuff!
Hunter got an electronic drum set They both got scooters
Eric got me a super zoom lense for my Canon Rebel so I was playing with it when I took this close of up the Nutcracker
These are the pics of the dogs I made for JJ and Chelsea
Chelsea's new camera strap
Granny got Kel this super cute jewerly box with a dancing ballerina
Hunters Dallas Cowboys gear
Crabby Patty's
Go Cowboys!
Hunter got Stinky the Trashtruck!!!!!
New black boots
JJ got a did Papa!
Cool hunting game where the deer actually move for you to hit them with the bow and arrow!
After presents we had my famous (thanks for the recipe Sarah!) sausage biscuits and then tried to clean up the mess! What a GREAT morning with our family and we are so glad that they came over to share it with us!

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