Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was the best. It was so relaxing as we got to sleep in! I was up until 2:00am the night before wrapping presents and getting ready for the upcoming days. I woke up at 9:45 and everyone was still asleep! It was great. We lounged around the house and got ready to go to Mom's for Christmas at her house.
Here is our tree before all of the presents starting to disappear! Miss. Claus - She saw this dress at Wal-Mart on Thursday and just HAD to have it. She looked pretty cute! We had lots of big presents this year
Kelby and Tea' love to match and since Grandmas buys them a ton of clothes they do it by accident most of the time! Cute tights girls! Jeremy and Diana opening the cool pics of the kids I got them
Grandma got the kids Sing-a-ma-gigs and the kids really had fun with them. They sure are annoying now though!! I can tell when the kids are not asleep at night when I hear them playing with these things in their beds.
Of course Tea' LOVED her rain boots we got her! She even wore them on Christmas day! She wore a hole in the ones of Kelby's that we passed down to her so she need a her own new pair.
Check out these cute rain/cowboys boots we got Diana
Grandma got the kiddos these small sized camping chairs and they loved them! Tea' carried hers all over the house and then when we put in Hunters new Despicable Me movie, they of course had to sit in them.
Jeremy talked Kaila into giving him a back massage
Mom made me this super cool FallsFest book of my last 2 years of Directing but I don't have any pictures of me opening it. It was such a thoughtful present and I will treasure it forever! Thanks Mom!
You can click on this picture and go to the link to view the book:
The Whole Group

After Mom's we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church, Colonial. It was nice and the kids enjoyed getting to come to the "big church" instead of their classes.

After church, we went over to Kirk's house to see all of his family. The kids enjoy seeing some of the little ones there and playing with some of the bigger ones. I didn't take in my camera so sorry that I have no pictures to post! I'll do better next year!

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