Wednesday, December 8, 2010


On Sunday we went with Sarah and Brad to the Gaylord ICE exhibit. It was so much fun and so NEAT! The kids really enjoyed going even though it was FREEZING in there. Only 9 degrees!!
Waiting in line to go in!
Just the pretty decorations in the line area The happy WARM family with our Parkas on before we entered the ICE
They were already tired of my camera!
Entering the Charlie Brown ICE area!
The whole group!
Hunter was having issues with his 3D glasses!
Love the red noses!
Eric was VERY cold!
Kelby going down the slide.
Hunter freaked out and started screaming so only Kel and Eric got to go down
My favorite scene!
In Snoopy's dog house
" Merry Christmas Charlie Brown...Hark the Harold Angels Sing..."
Sarah and Brad
The manger scene
Playing in the Gaylor Lobby

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