Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Racing

On Saturday evening we all went up to the race track to watch Cameron. It was beautiful night since the rain had cooled it off just a bit from the night before.
Amber bought Parker some new pink earmuffs and Kelby thought they were too cool! Amber told her she could wear them for the night. I kinda liked them too!
The kids were having so much fun on the porch area.
What a beautiful sunset pic!
The boys enjoying the race!
Parker cracks me up in this pic!
H Moffia!
During intermission we got to go down to the track and see the cars!
Kelby was too scared to shut the door!
But not Hunter!
Hunter driving Cameron's car
Cameron won his race!!! Connie got us down on the track to get this picture in the winners circle!!
All of the kids starting getting eaten by bugs and having melt downs so we left right before it was over! So much fun!

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