Saturday, August 13, 2011

Praise Jesus for the Rainbow

This summer has been BRUTAL as far as the heat goes! We have broken the record on the most days over 100 degrees already and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight! The following came from on our local media stations: The month of July 2011 in Wichita Falls has gone down in the history books as the hottest in the history of the city. All of the days in July were over 100. The average daily high for the month was 106. And the average low from the daily recorded temperatures was 80. In addition, there was a total of a "trace" which is equivalent to zero with few unmeasurable sprinkles in the area. This lack of rainfall added 1.58" to our already massive drought deficit which is now nearing 18 inches since last Halloween. Finally on Friday afternoon, a storm rolled in and the sky darkened. It actually rained and you could tell that everyone was so excited just to see and smell the rain because we were all outside dancing in it! What a wonderful day for rain!
After the rain passed, a beautiful rainbow showed up in the sky!
Hopefully more will come soon!

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