Sunday, May 8, 2011

Running without Me!

Back in January I challenged all of the girls to running a 5K with me. It was the Dam Run X and is always in May. As the day got closer (May 7th to be exact) we had all been running and were so ready! Well, my foot being hurt very much derailed my chances of running :( The girls did great though and I was such a proud photographer!! I know for all but Thana, this was there first actual race so it was super fun to see them all finish!
Before the race I had to get in a picture!
Off they go! The Rangers t-ball Mom's right after they finished!
Dane, Amber and Thane went back to help Sarah finish strong!! I was so proud of all of them!
The next thing on the schedule is the Hotter'n Hell 10K Trial run in August!
I will be ready for that one!!

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