Thursday, May 5, 2011

Depressing Foot News

As soon as I got back from Houston, I was walking in the garage to run in the house to use the restroom and then the kids and I were heading to lunch and then to register Kelby for school. On the way in the door, I tripped on this basketball goal and sliced open my foot :(
There was sooo much blood and this is what it looked like after they cleaned it a bit to get it ready for the doctor to stitch it up 4 stitches and many painful shots
This was Wednesday evening and it looks like it feels, horrible!
I kept my cool very well so the kids did not freak out too much. They were upset but more about the fact that our afternoon was ruined :(
Doc says I cannot run or do boot camp for 6 weeks and that for sure depressed me! I was scheduled for a 5K this weekend with my girls. Guess now I am just a cheer leader!

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