Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wedding Time!!!

The wedding has finally gotten here and we are super excited!!! Thursday night was the rehearsal and the dinner at Olive Garden! The food was wonderful and Chelsea looked so pretty!

Granny, Papa and the kids were playing with something on their phone while we were practicing!

 Friday morning we all went over to the Wellington and started decorating!

 After lunch we headed over to Du Nouveau to get our hair done!
 Shelly has her own little room so it was fun to see everyone pile in there to watch!

 It looked so great!
 Next Kelby and I went over to Scottye's side of the salon to get our hair done. This was Kelby's first time and she looked so cute once he was done!

 I didn't have my camera once we got there and started getting ready because I was too busy rounding up kids and stuff. I did grab this quick one of the kiddos sitting in the lobby area. Kelby is missing her jewerly but still looks beautiful. Hunter was so handsome in his tux too!
 I grabbed this pic of them leaving in the limo as they left for Dallas and then Mexico! Can't wait until the get back and tell us all about their honeymoon and fun stuff they did!
Can't wait to post some of the super cute pics on here that the photographer took later on!

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