Sunday, October 2, 2011

FallsFest 2011

This years FallsFest was a huge success and we had lots of fun! I had to do a ton of actual physical labor doing all of the signs but it was still fun! Mom, Diana and Kaila helped me so of course we had fun!

Sarah tried to ruin our picture so I had to share it!

 Some of my favorite League girls!
 I had fun on my mule this year since we had to lug around so many t-posts!
 The kids loved the Touch-a-Truck area

 Josh Abbott Band!!!

 Leland let the kids take a picture on his bike!

 Kelby liked the butterfly tent

 We had to go to the petting zoo because Kaila was going to face her fear and touch a cow...well, it was a small calf!

 It didn't even move when she touched it!
 On Saturday Kelby decided she wanted to do the zip line so we got her all suited up!
 Her and Kaila are ready!
 Kaila loved it!
 Kelby chickened out!
 Anxiously waiting for KC & the Sunshine Band!!!
 They were awesome!!!

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