Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Carving We Will Go

On Saturday night Tarah and Mark invited us over to their house for a fun pumpkin carving party! We ate some yummy yummy food and enjoyed an evening with great friends.

This monster cake was so cute!
Eric was helping to take all of the tops off the pumpkins.
Paul and Maisey

 Paul and Dominic were the official pumpkin guts drillers!

 Kelby got a cool kit that had glitter and rhinestones in it...Eric sure did help her "bling" out her pumpkin!
 I invested $4.97 in this cool automatic carving tool and I was so glad I did!
 Briana and Dom had some cool pumpkins!
 Ashley and Megan

 So many cool pumpkins!
Here's our three: Phineas, blingy pumpkin and my Harry Potter one! 
 Such good little pumpkin makers!

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