Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chelsea's Bachelorette Party

For Chelsea's Bachelorette party we all loaded up and headed to Bricktown in OKC for a fun weekend! All of the bridesmaids and her friend Donna came and it was so much fun. Being the "oldest" of the group and the only Mom, made me feel a little old but I was able to hang with those young'ns just like back in the day!

Once we got there on Friday evening, we checked into our awesome hotel and then walked down the street to The Melting Pot. It was such a fun restaurant but we had so much food!!

Cheese Fondue! 
 The Love Martini's weren't bad either!
 The chocolate protion of the dinner was my absolute FAVORITE! Here is what our ying yang fondue looked like!
 This sample tray of yummy items is what you dip in the chocolate!
After we finished dinner we headed down the street to the Sky Bar for some drinks on the balcony. It was lots of fun until Chelsea looked over at our hotel and saw some boys on the roof! She thought this looked liked a "fun" thing to do! So, we headed back, changed clothes and headed up to the parking garage. I was so nervous while watching them figure out how to get on the top of the building! The Mom in me came out and I yelled at them until them all came down!! Crazy girls!

 On Saturday we had to get up at the crack of dawn (really only like 7:00) because Chelsea has forgotten how to sleep in! We went down stairs, had breakfast and then she wanted to take a nap!! After or naps, we headed to the mall for a fun day of shopping and Chick-fil-a!!

 For dinner, we got all fancy and walked down to Abuelos (soooo yummy) for dinner!

 Chelsea made us all paint our nails super sparkly!
 I hate that this one turned out blurry because we were so cute!!
 Waiting in line to get into Murphy's Piano Bar!!

 This was Chelsea's "piano pose" so I had to show her how it was done below!

 Brittany's 80oz drink!
 One of Chelsea's dare cards was to write her name on a guy in lipstick! This guy looked the least hairriest so we chose him!
 Lyndsay and I bringing back the overhead clap!

 Chelsea had to perform on stage since she was the Bachelorette!!

We had such a fun time and now I can't wait for the wedding day!!!

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