Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day at Lake Grandbury

Every year my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Norman invite the whole family to their house on Lake Grandbury for Labor Day. My kids love going down on Sunday night and staying at their house and this year was super fun because Ethan, Sandy and Jaden rode with us too! We had a great time visiting in the car and only got off track one time!

It's become a tradition for Cathy to make her little pizzas and you get to put your own toppings on it. The kids really love it and they taste soooo yummy!

 The boys found Abyela and Naomi's play clothes and thought they were cute!
 The lake is so low this year so the boys had lots of room to fish from the waterfront area
 Kelby loves sea shells!

 Cathy is a school teacher and always enjoys reading to the kids before bed!
My cousins: Sandy and Cliff
 Amanda (Cliff's wife) and Cathy preparing lunch in the kitchen
Martha and sweet Jaden
 Amanda, Abyela and Charlotte
 Isaiah's new hair style!
 The weather was absolutely beautiful on Monday so everyone enjoyed sitting out side talking
 Getting ready for some lake fun
 Abyela and Kel
 Super cheesers!
 Mamaw, Gigi and Winter
 Eating some yummy hamburgers for lunch
 Naomi is now my friend because I snuck her a cookie before lunch!
 Hunter loved jumping off of the dock this year!

 Ryan and Ethan jumping in together!

 Mamaw and Cathy going for a boat ride
 This is the life!
 Isaiah and Pepaw
 If Jaden were in this picture I think it would a good Andonian Christmas Card contender!

 Kelby made me tube FOREVER!!! My arms were about to fall off!!

 She even made Grandpa do it with her again!
 Cliff and Amanda enjoyed a fun canoe ride to check out the parts of the lake that were so low

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