Friday, October 15, 2010

Painted Pony Pumpkin Patch

This morning Mrs. Connie loaded up all of the kids in the matching shirts and bows she made them and took them to the Painted Pony Pumpkin Patch! I was so glad that I could sneak away from work for a little bit to enjoy the morning with them and get some cute pics! They got to do some really fun stuff there!
Paint Pumpkins! Addison
Hunter and Hayden
Kelby and Meghan
Ride the Tractor train!
Jodi and Kaytelyn got to sit up front!
Miss Parker in her sweet bow!
This is my favorite pic of Amber and Parker!
Sarah, Jackson and Addi!
Play in the bounce house!
Ride the ponies!
There were some cute set-ups for pics!
H Moffia!
I love the port-a-potties in this cute scene!
Thank you Mrs. Connie for such a fun time!!

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  1. I love the pic of me and Parker too! And that one of the H Mafia is definitely frameable! Make me a cd of all of the ones you took and I'll do the same. We had so much fun. Miss Connie's so great to do stuff like that for the kiddos!