Friday, October 15, 2010

FallsFest Wrap-Up Party

On Thursday night we had the FallsFest 25th Anniversary Wrap-Up Party at our house. I just love the committee members so much and am sad that this year's event is over :( We had a GREAT time and got to share lots of fun stories!
Eric and Diana
Kathy, Pete and Ryan
Working in the kitchen to get the food ready!
Bill "Ice Man" and his wife Becky
Heather, Leslie and Sarah
SueAnn and Angela
Me with the two preggos - Dana and Heather
Diana and Mom
Krystal and her husband
Sherry and her bf
Krystal and Tammy
The Core - Leslie, Debbie, Stella, Sarah and myself
Thanks to our wonderful committee this year and to our FANTASTIC core ladies! You guys have made my year the best ever!

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