Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend at Aunt Cathy's

Every Labor Day, my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Norman invite the whole family to their house on Lake Grandbury. Last year our family and Jeremy's family went down Sunday after church and stayed the night. The kids had so much fun staying there that we wanted to do it again. Cathy lets the kids make homemade pizzas and they LOVE that! Plus, she has stairs and boy does that make her house popular.
My cousin Charlotte and her family stayed the night too so the little cousins got to all play together. This was our first time to meet her littlest one Naomi. She was too cute!
Cathy decided to wrestle with them all in the yard!
Some of the family lounging on the back porch looking over the lake.
Aunt Diana and Tea'
Kelby swimming in the cold water!
She told Grandpa that it tastes so yucky because people pee in it! Smart Girl!
Hunter got a new Spider Man Fishing pole!
The kids watching a movie and taking a break from the lake.
Diana tried to get over her fear of the middle of the lake by tubing but, it didn't work so well!
She was terrified! We still love her though!
Kelby on the other hand, LOVED the tube! We rode forever! I was so sore the next day!
She made Grandpa ride too but my camera ran out of batteries :(
Tre' was saying "Bring it on Uncle Norman!"
Hunter driving the boat with Uncle Norman. He wasn't a huge fan of going fast!
Grandpa and Hunter chill'n in the boat! Kelby helping Norman get the rope ready so that she could try and ski! I skied on similar ski's when I was around 5-6 so I knew that she would love it if she could get up!She did good until she started going under and her ski's flipped behind her. She said that she would try again next summer when she is almost 6!
I was proud of her! She is a brave 4 year old!

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